We bring web and mobile technology to life using
innovative and cost-effective solutions.
We architect, develop, and deliver software solutions
for our customers using agile development, best
practices, and coach teams on integrating continuous
delivery into their projects

What does Agile mean?

Agile means different things to different people in the software industry. Here is what it means to us: Individuals and interactions over processes and tools, working software over comprehensive documentation, customer collaboration over contract negotiation and responding to change over following a plan. We certainly didn't make these principles up on our own though as they are directly from the Agile Manifesto.


At Agile Orbit, we leverage some of the best languages, libraries and frameworks available today for our projects. Whenever possible we leverage open-source technology which helps us achieve cost reduction, flexibility, better performance and reliability. It also avoids vendor lock-in for our clients.

These are the primary technologies we use, but if you are currently using something else, please still feel free to contact us regarding your project. We are certainly open to using other technologies that are outside our current architectural patterns if it makes sense for a project.

Web Applications & Services Development

We leverage the Java Virtual Machine for most of our web development and service-based projects as it is the most performant runtime in the industry with a tremendous amount of reusable open-source libraries readily available. Our specialties are the Java and Groovy programming languages with the Grails framework.

Web Applications & Services Development

Mobile Applications Development

We leverage both hybrid and native technologies for our mobile development projects as different projects have different requirements. We can help you form a mobile development strategy that balances reusability, functionality and performance. Our specialities are the Apple iOS and Google Android platforms for native development and NativeScript for hybrid development.

Development Operations (DevOps)

We provide expertise with some of the best DevOps and software management tools available in the industry for our clients. By leveraging these tools, we are able to achieve continuous integration and continuous delivery for our clients. These tools are leveraged throughout the life of the project to provide the necessary infrastructure and build automation in a way that is then used throughout the actual application development process.

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